Scenes from American Life

Scenes from American Life

Directed by George Archambeault
Thursday, May 17th, 1979 - Saturday, May 26th, 1979

About the event

In this youthful look at the hypocrisy of adult life, an Irish nurse is not permitted to have men visitors: but her mistress is entitled to her own sexual sidelines. The preacher interprets the Bible in a way that the rich are not scandalized or demoralized but actually pacified. A club member blackballs his best friend, a Jew, because he wants to save him from being hurt. Mature people are winos, ticket fixers with the police, order troops to fire into crowds, and are two faced: one mother calls her son at college to find out where he keeps his marijuana, and another asks her daughter at her coming out party if she has her diaphragm. Not all of youth is so innocent. There are the school chums who pray to God with thoughts of malice and concupiscence. Scenes, then, from American life.

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