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Beyond Therapy

Directed by Tom Blank
Thursday, July 13th, 1989 - Sunday, July 30th, 1989

About the event

Bruce and Prudence meet through a personals ad, but their date doesn’t go so well. He expresses emotions and likes to cry. Prudence doesn’t think men should cry “unless something falls on them.” He has a male lover. “I’m bisexual,” he tells her. She’s not sure; they talk at cross purposes some more, and then end up throwing water in each others’ faces. We then see them talk about their meeting with their respective psychiatrists. Hers is a macho pig who once seduced her and keeps talking about his prowess. He refuses to say much, but occasionally bursts into inappropriate anger. His is a warm, encouraging woman who embraces her patients, talks through her Snoopy doll and believes in expressing all feelings no matter what. She encourages Bruce to cry, and on hearing he threw water at Prudence she cries out “Good for you! Ruff, ruff, ruff!” The “ruff ruff” is her barking for Snoopy. Somehow Bruce and Prudence meet a second time, surprisingly overcome their initial loathing, and start to maybe like one another. But then she has to meet the male lover Bob; and listen to Bob’s crazy mother on the phone. And the whole thing comes to a chaotic end in a mad restaurant scene where screaming and shootings take place, and Bruce and Prudence almost get together, but don’t quite. They do like one another though, and end by humming softly together their favorite song, Someone to Watch Over Me.

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