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Directed by Pamela Richarde
Thursday, October 15th, 1992 - Sunday, October 25th, 1992

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So virtuous is Tartuffe that every form of pleasure is an abomination to him. Orgon, a rich merchant, is completely duped by the ruse and watches approvingly as the cunning Tartuffe "reforms" his whole family. So besotted is the merchant that he even plans to give Tartuffe his fortune, his house, and finally his daughter! Orgon's wife finally exposes Tartuffe for the rogue he is -- and her husband for being a gullible fool. By the time Orgon sees the light, only the courts can insure justice. This clever adaptation of the Moliere classic calls for an energetic ensemble. Moliere's greatest work is expertly adapted for one-act competition by the authors of The Beggar's Opera, The Merry Wives of Winsor, Volpone.

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