'Cabaret' director does it naturally

Fullerton College Hornet  - Don Eazell - Friday, February 27th, 1981

While rehearsals continue for the upcoming Theatre Arts Department production, "Cabaret," few

realize the complexities of a musical. Among the people that are involved with the production is the latest addition to the Fullerton College Music Department, Johnnie Carl.

-Carl, the musical director for "Cabaret," in involved in orchestrating the music, rewriting the charts for the FC adaptation, reworking the play for the stage from the television version, and rehearsing all vocal numbers.

Carl's list of achievements includes being musical director of Reverend Robert Schueliers' television show (which is done at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove,) and. working at UCLA's Theatre Arts Department. He has also worked in musical direction at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre and has worked with Dick Van Dyke in the "Boyfriend."

Carl was hired at FC last semester to fill a vacant position in the Music Department, and presently teaches two classes in music as well as his involvement with "Cabaret."

Carl's experience includes a bachelor's -degree from UCLA in music, a master's in historical musicology from USC and another master's from USC in choral conducting. He has also completed his course work and his residency for a doctorate for choral conducting.

He feels the play has gone very smoothly thus' far, and is very impressed with the caliber of the FC students. "The Theatre Arts Department here at Fullerton is excellent," he said. "The dedication of the students is remarkable."

While Carl has been involved in this type of production for 15 years and enjoyed all of them, he can't be sure that he will stay at FC. "I really enjoy working here at Fullerton," he said. "I'm not sure if I'll stay though. You see, I'm a free lancer;I go where I'm needed. I really enjoy the work I'm doing here, though."

Carl has awed some of the students in the Music Department >Assistant Director Michael Kelly on his first impression was thoroughly impressed. "He is excellent. I couldn't believe the way he could decide who should be together vocally upon hearing them sing once,"' Kelly. said. "He seems to just do .it naturally."

Carl feels the production will be ready by the March 19 performance date