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Fullerton College Hornet  - Toni Schrotberger - Friday, May 21st, 1982
UNIQUE FUN-From left, Steve Tollison, Mason Malone, Marx Pavlovich and Jim Ward present a different view of Shakespeare in "Dogg's Hamlet/Cahoot's Macbeth" now playing at the Studio Theatre.

"Doggs Hamlet"/"Cahoots Macbeth," two plays directed by Tom Blank, an instructor in the FC Theater Arts Dept, opened last night in the FC Studio Theater. According to Blank, these two plays represent "classical theater at its weirdest and funkiest." For instance, the audience will find itself under arrest, which illustrates Tom Blank's point, "The plays are not just to be watched but to become involved with."

These plays will run this weekend and again from May 25-29. They start at 8 p.m. Admission is $3 to the general public, $2 to students and free with a student service card.

Both plays, written by British playwright Tom Stoppard, are meant to make Shakespeare accessible to the American ear, says Director Tom Blank. In "Doggs Hamlet," you are introduced to a new version of English called "Doggs," where a word such as "brick"may mean "hear" or "slab" means "OK." At any rate, by the time you comprehend this new form of English, Hamlet seems to be easy to understand, according to Blank.

Not only are the plays novel, but the set designs reflect a different connotation other than what one might expect to see in a London Theater. For instance, the first play set is designed with bright colors while the second consists of cubes and planks. This is accomplished by flipping the set blocks over to give the effect of "suggested furniture."

Running for the first time in the LA area, these plays should prove to be a unique theater experience. The cast consists of FC Theater Department students or graduates.