Campus Dazzels in 'Nine'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Jamie Nestor - Friday, March 15th, 1991
Slick and Sexy -Cast members of "Nine" clockwise from top left: JoAnn Campanella, Terri Miller Schmidt, Diane Walsh, Amanda Hudson, and Lynda Blais. Seated is Danny Bolero.

The Fullerton College Campus Theatre was filled with the cries of "Guido" as the FC Theatre Department's production of "Nine" opened Friday. March 8, to a packed house.

Directed by Gary Krinke and adapted from Frederic Fellini' s 8 1(1., the musical is the tale of Guido Contini, a filmmaker whose passion for life is eclipsed only by his desire for women.

Set in a Venice health spa, the production alternates between · the fantasies of Guido's mind, and the ~ty of his crumbling personal and professional life.

Guido, aptly played by Danny Bolero, is a film maker who, after producing a string of flops, must come up with a film idea. before his producer, played by JoAnn Campanella, sues for breach of contract. All the while, he is confronted by the numerous failed romances in his life.

Amanda Hudson is effective as Luisa,Guido's wife, the one stabilizing influence in his life. Supporting him is made no easier b the knowledge of Guido's sexual indiscretions. Lynda Blais portrays Carla, Guido' sultry, sexy mistress, who, like Luisa, wants more of him..

For roughly the first half of the play, all characters are dressed in varying shades of black. It isn't until after the rowdy, raucous "Ti Voglio Bene Be Italian" scene, played with gusto by Patti Cumby who leads the young Guido and several other boys in a ribald celebration of youthful, sexuality. that characters begin to wear colored costumes.

Visually, the simple staging and soft lighting aid and enhance the transitions between Guido's dreams and reality. Minor sound problems had little or no impact on the overall performance. An enthusiastic audience responded well to Krinke and company's 99 minute production.

"Nine" continues at the Campus Theatre March 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. and at 2p.m. Sunday, th e17. Tickets are $7 general admission, $6 for students, and $5 for senior citizens. Advance tickets are available at the Fine Arts Box Office on campus weekdays from 10:30 to 5:330 or may be purchased at the Box Office prior' to the performance. To purchase tickets by phone, call (714) 871~8101 during Box Office hours.