Theatre Department Does Shakespeare

Fullerton College Hornet  - Julie Henninger - Friday, April 26th, 1991

The Fullerton College Theatre Arts Department will be presenting William Shakespeare's "As You Like It" May 2-4 and May 9-11.

"As You Like It" is "a delightful folk tale, peopled with clowns, courtiers, lovers, shepherds and dukes

(both banished good ones and usurping bad ones). All meet in the forest ·or Arden, a place of discovery;" according to Gary Krinke, a professor in the Theatre Arts Department who is directing "As You Like IL"

The play will feature Danielle Brown as Celia, Suzanna Garcia as Rosalind, Bryan Eggait as Oliver, Matt Lillard as Touchstone, and Chris Molloy as Orlando. There are 28 cast members and it will take around 150 hours to put the entire play together, according to Krinke.

Pete Shilaiinon, a second semester Theatre Arts and Psychology major, is designing the set for "As · You Like It." Shilaimon said he estimates it will take him 40 to 50 hours if he does the design alone. Shilaimon is also playing a. dual role in the production, portraying Charles, the arrogant and pompous wrestler and Hymen, the Greek god of marriage.

As far as putting together a production, Krinke said it takes one hour per minute to prepare and one hour per minute to rehearse - then add another 24 hours to do technical rehearsals in the production. "As You Like It" is about two hours long. Krinke also mentioned that the humor will be played up.

"As You Like It" will be performed at 8 p.m. in the Studio Theatre on the 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 of May. Tickets will be $5 for all showings and can be purchased through the Fine Arts Box Office in the 1300 building.