A stroll down memory lane

Fullerton College Hornet  - Lisa Merchant - Friday, October 30th, 1992
Love! - Performers Adam Clark, as Peter and Mary Thornton, as Heidi, romance one another in FC's " The Heidi Chronicles."

Fullerton College's Theatre Department presents, "The Heidi Chronicles," an entertaining and thought-provoking view of the changes in the lives' of American women in the last 25 years.

Under the direction of Bob Jensen, the student production showcases November 3-8 at 8 p.m., with two later show dates on December 2 and 5.

Spanning from the 60'- 80's,"The Heidi Chronicles" portrays the challenges women faced during these times and how.the outcomes shaped their future positions in society.

Four main characters fill the stage: Heidi-played by Mary Thorton, Susan played by Cynthia Patel, Scoop played by Patrick Gwaltney, and Peter-played by Adam Clark.

Heidi (Thorton) dominates the play with her convincing role, portraying the gradual distancing of her friendships as her friends move from idealism and political radicalism, to the militant feminism and materialism they rejected in college.

According to Jensen, the costumes and set design will both help to accentuate and portray the styles of the periods throughout history. The music, by artists like the Beatles, and the projection screens will reflect the era and set the mood for particular scenes.

Using the same style of set design management used in previous productions, with stage props being rotated by use of a motor in between< transitional scenes, Jensen takes the audience into the rapid changing lives' of the characters.

"I like the fact that Heidi is a gutsy lady, and a very independent character" said Jensen. "Initially she calls herself a close observer of life, not until later in the play does she really live life."