'Crimes' Open at Dodson Theatre

Fullerton College Hornet  - Nadine Zalunardo - Friday, November 5th, 1993

Be careful of what you wish for because your wish might be granted. Maybe a wish for a happy, peaceful moment together, between three grown up sisters, is enough to put them back in good spirits.

A black comedy written by Beth Henley, "Crimes of the Heart",- opened Tuesday night in the Fullerton College Bronwyn Dodson Theater.

"Crimes of the Heart" with its talented actors, cozy set design and the character's southern spoken accent make a great play come to life.

At one of the most innocent places where actions should betaken seriously (grandfathers house in Hazelhurst, Mississippi), significant matters only seem to be a joke to the Magrath sisters.

Reunited after five years due to the arrest of Babe (Kimberly Jones), who shot her husband Zachary because "It just didn't like his looks," the sisters have a difficult time understanding each other.

With the suicide of their mother and her cat hanging over their heal, the Magrath sisters battle more than they expose.

Having a strenuous time is Babe, who does not really want to talk about why she shot her husband. Covering up her affair with a young boy only makes the audience more interested.

Interested in helping Babe get her clean slate back is Barnette (Vance Long) which makes the play more fascinating. Not only is helping Babe a goal of Barnettes, but so is settling a personal vendetta against Zachery.

Eldest of three sisters,Lenny (Michelle Knight), has only one ovary, making the celebration of her 30th birthday difficult for her. Lennys actions make the viewer aware that her age is not the only factor of her depression. Doing nothing more than taking care of grand father only adds to her loneliness.

The wildest of the three, dealing with a melted singing career is Meg (Christine Gilb), who also resumes a flaming affair with a married doctor, Doc (Kreg Donahoe), whom she was crazy about in the past.

Included in this entertaining play is Chick (Ramona Falkowitz), the know-it-all cousin who does nothing less than bug the Magrath sisters.

Set in the kitchen of grandfathers comfortable home the characters are able to play their parts to perfection. A traditional home, the scenery suggests the love that each character has to share yet allows the audience to laugh when they do.

Use of a southern accent, rather than any other, gives quality to this performance. It also takes you to the depths of the actions taken by the actors.

A warm finishing touch to this play came in the form of the Lennys wish. The Magrath sisters momentarily leave all their troubles behind and cherish the time and love they have for each other.

"Crimes of the Heart" will run through Nov. 7 and will also play on Dec. 2-3 at 8p.m.at the Dodson Theatre.Tickets are limited for this amusing performances as the actors make it a splendid show.