Antigone- New Idea In FJC Theatre Arts

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, December 6th, 1968

Tonight in the Studio Theatre at 8:00, the Fullerton Junior College Theatre Arts Department will present Jean Anouilh's "Antigone."

Director Cosmo Inserra has given the play a new theme, "a cry for human rights," and has taken the play out of its original 1943 context.

According to Director Inserra, "The outcry for the dignity of humanity that has been heralded for centuries will be pulsated throughout the show. First heard are the sounds of a modern rock band, then the protrayal of great men and the colored slides of those who drove the idea of human rights into the minds of various cultures. The tragedy itself is the culmination of both a classic and modern desire by human being to pursue what is right . . . whatever it may be."

The idea of a universal cry for human rights was the key by which Technical Director, Todd Glen, developed the visual element for the play.

Mr. Glenn defined the word "universal. . to mean involvement of all persons at all times, and, therefore, the idea of involving the audience and tying them closely to the performance was adopted. The audience will surround the performer and the scenery will be in the auditorium surrounding the audience."

In order to make the production of "Antigone" ageless, persons throughout time that had voiced the idea of individual human rights were incorporated into the play as key characters. These people are Socrates, The Gallean, Tom Payne, Henry Thoxeau, Mohatma Ghandi, and Martin Luther King.

The dates for the presentation of this play include: Dee: 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. Prices for the tickets are $1.50 for adults and 75 cents for students. One free ticket will be honored for a Student Services Card. Reservations and tickets are available at the Theatre Arts Department office, 1316, 871-8000, Ext. 77, between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.