'Cyrno' noses in this fall

Fullerton College Hornet  - Pat Lussier - Monday, October 17th, 1983

"Cyrano de Bergerac"will open Fullerton College's fall theater season Thursday, Oct. 27.

This tragically romantic comedy represents the classical tradition of French drama.

Directed by FC instructor Tom Blank the play will star James Russel as Cyrano. Russell is the current participant in FC's' "Artist in Residence" series and has had numerous roles in theatrical productions as well as film and television.

The story revolves around the classical love-triangle. The beautiful maiden, Roxanne, is played by Kathy Van Schaik. The handsome, yet inept, Christian de Neuvillette is portrayed by Thor Edgell.

Cyrano and Christian both love the enchanting Roxanne. Christian is afraid she will not love him because he is so inarticulate, so he enlists the glib talents of Cyrano, to win her heart.. Cyrano, the soldier and poet, helps his friend, at the expense of his own passion.

The plot is complicated by the villainous Comte de Guighe, played by Denis Gawronski. The Comte would like to take Roxanne as his own mistress, but must eliminate Cyrano and / Christian to do so.

Set designs, under the direction of FC's instructor Todd Glen,. win present a romantic look at Paris of the 1600s, in all of its ornate glory. Lighting design will be by FC instructor Bob Jenson.

Rehearsals for this production have often been lively, says director Blank. The actors have had to become accomplished in such old world traditions as court dancing and fencing. "It is every fairy tale you have ever wanted," Blank said.

"Cyrano de Bergerac" will be presented in the campus theatre Oct. 27-29 and Nov. 3-6.