'Cyrano cops out'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Carla Grimes - Friday, November 4th, 1983

Contrary to scheduled 'plans, "Cyrano de Bergerac" was not presented last weekend because its star player ,withdrew his services.

James Russel, a television and theatrical, personality who signed on as "Artist in Residence,"walked out. on the production due to a contractual dispute.

The Theater Arts Department, however, prefers to accent. the positive aspects of the play's rescheduling to Nov. 3 through 6.

Replacing Russel in the title is FC's own Tom Blank who happens to be a theater arts instructor and the director of the play. And the other actors have rallied round him to help smooth the transition.

"The students have been incredibly supportive of Tom and have put in extra, hours to ensure a good production," said Theater Department Chairman Gary Krinke.

The, situation gives both Blank and the students unique chances they might never, have had if Russel hadn't departed.

It allows Blank a chance, to show off his acting talents rather than just teach about them. It gives the students an opportunity to. show what they're made of and respond professionally. It also gives them' a clearer glimpse of the world of show business, where nothing, and no one, is, a sure thing.