'Cycle' in rehersal

Fullerton College Hornet  - Eva Minoux - Wednesday, March 15th, 2000

23 actors playing 115 roles in a 6 and a half hour play that spans 200 years and three families. This epic show is now in rehearsal for it's May debut at FC.

"Hu! Hummmmmmmm uh! Hu! Hummmmmmmmm uh!" are the sounds that echo through the rehearsal stage in the FC theatre department. Actors stand about the stage, stretching, humming and generally warming, preparing for this grueling schedule that will keep them busy for the rest of the semester. With an innumerable amount of props, including cups, weapons, glasses and more, a list of music as long as the human arm and more costume changes than can be counted, this production will· put to test the abilities of this group of actors.

Students are already planning the promotion of "The Kentucky Cycle." At six and half-hours, this is not any ordinary production and will have to attract that special theatre buff who will not mind the long show. ·

This is an ambitious project . that, and will be worth the long hours of work and "Hu! Hununmmmmm uhing!"