Burt Forbes signs for 'Lesser God'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Tracy Perdue - Friday, May 4th, 1984

The lead male role in the play, "Children Of, A Lesser God," calls for someone who knows -sign language. In order merely to audition for the, part, Bert Forbes, a Theatre Arts major at FC, started learning to sign six months before auditions were held.

"Five minutes after I heard what 'play they were doing, I decided I wanted to do it," Forbes said. When school began in September, he started learning to sign. He was taught by a friend who -is studying communications for -the deaf, and also by 'an acquaintance who works professionally with deaf people.

"I got together with them when we could arrange it, but it ended up being only two times.a month," Forbes said. "There are about 400 different signs I had to learn for the part. Fortunately for me, I learned it very fast."

Over the six-month period Forbes worked on the signing by himself a great deal. When the auditions finally took place, he was obviously the best person for the lead.

This, is Forbes' second year at FC, and he has. been involved with every show since he started here. ".In college, this is the first real acting I've done," he said. His talents have usually been spent on the technical aspect of FC productions.

One. of Forbes' main concerns, is that his character be believable for the large deaf audience that will be in attendance. He said, "Signing is a definite skill I've picked up, and 'I intend to continue with it.''