Saroyan Drama Begins Wednesday

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, May 13th, 1966

"Written with the shadow of impending war over all of the characters, this wildly impudent forerunner of today's comic theater of the absurd is even more meaningful to today's world than it was to world of 1939," commented George D. Archanbeault, FJC drama instructor.

''His philosophies are much the same as mine," said 19-year-old Robert Balderson of Joe, the central. character, whom he portrays."He's been a, big shot all of his life, and he's stepped on a lot of people in order to gain his wealth and power."


In an attempt to rid himself of feelings of guilt, Joe decides to give up the busy life and observe people. Thus, he goes to a "waterfront dive" in .San Francisco, where the play begins, according to Balderson.

"Joe", Saroyan writes, "spends most of his time examining maps, guns and the effect of contemporary reality (which includes the likelihood of war) on the little and unknown human beings of the world .... "

"lt's a challenge," said Balderson, "because the mood of the play is constantly changing, while Joe, basically a happy character, must remain happy".


Dale Burgess, who is making his debut. on the FJC stage, will portray Tom, a young man who has suffered from many unpleasant experiences with women and is attempting, once again, to climb back up the ladder of life.

''I'm not an actor," said Burges, ''but I enjoy playing Tom because it gives me the chance to look at the world through someone else's eyes."

Kitty Duval, the female lead in Saroyan' widely acclaimed play, will be done by 19-year-old Delilah Shrum, who will be attending the Pasadena Playhouse next fall.


Kitty, neglected as a child and a failure in her attempts to become an actress, has been driven to prostitution. She has and continues to live in a world of fantasy in an attempt to recapture childhood, according to Miss Shrum.

In the waterfront bar she meets Tom, who ultimately becomes "the other half of her," Saroyan explains.

'It's difficult to capture the sadness and disillusionment which Kitty suffers. Yet the most challenging aspect of this character is the fact that she is 23 years old while basically a little girl' Miss Shrum concluded.

This, the department's final production for the regular school year, is under the direction of Dr. Alvin Keller.

Complimentary tickets for any of the four performances may be picked up in the dean's ofice with a student body card. Tickets will also be sold at the door on the evenings of the performances.