'Shrew' Play Cast Chosen

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, October 2nd, 1964

These days the action can be found in the FJC Drama Department as "The Taming of the Shrew" is staged.

The cast roster for the play is now official. Appearing as the shrew, Katherine, will be Marlene Schoner. The role of Katherine's sister Bianca will be enacted by Janie Briggs. Terry Phillips will appear as Petruchio.

Also appearing in the play will be Ray Tartar, Steve Gillan, Gary Faubus, Steve Shapiro, Walt Hastings, Bernard Whittington and Chris Kalvion.

The cast also includes Jim Waring, Helen Smith, Katherine Sellars, Sarah Fankboner, Richard< Tipton, Judy Chandler, Dave Starich, Florence Kaskela, Tricia Marable, and Ann Card.

Other members of the cast are Pat Hubbard, Mary Knaus, Rolinda Borne, Roseann Branley and Dann Adams. Several members of the cast, such as Richard Tipton, Dave Starich, and Gary Faubus appear in dual roles.

The production choreographer will be Janice Renshaw. Assisting Miss Renshaw with the choreography sections of the play will be Dann Adams.