Brooding, Tragic Southern Drama 'Orpheus Descending' Opens Thursday

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, April 30th, 1965

"Orpheus Descending" a brooding drama with a southern accent by Tennessee Williams, opens next Thursday in the Little Theater.

The final major production of the year is based on the Orpheus legend of Greek mythology. Williams pulled his characters directly from the ancient past and placed them into his favorite setting the South. And, true to Williams, they don't fit. This gives him a chance to tell a tragic tale of "misfits with souls too tender to survive in a world of harshness and cruelty."

The cast, which includes Judith Stoner as Lady Torrence, Gary Shortall as Val Xavier, Marilyn Brenton as Carol Cutrere and Rosalie Abrams as Vee Talbott, has been in night rehearsal for more than five weeks, studying and working on the complex character of the play in preparation for opening night.

To do a play like Orpheus, said George Archmbeault, drama instructor and director of Orpheus "we have to wait for certain people (drama students) to come along who want and can do it; we are doing Orpheus to satisfy a need in our students in their training."

The settings for the production were designed by Charles Kading and are being constructed by the Theater Crafts classes. Costumes were designed and created by Trina Portillo with the assistance of Hazel Housmer and Wendy McCue.

Walt Hastings is stage manager; Janie Briggs is house manager; and Mary Knaus is in charge of publicity.

Tickets are free to ASB card holders and are available in the deans' office fom Mrs. Irma Garner. Adults may purchase tickets fo $1.50 from the Drama Department on Lemon Street.