Stage Crews Are Drama's Unsung Heroes

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, October 25th, 1963
HARD WORK COMPLETED - Rosele Abrams and Chuck Kadins look over their model sets for the coming dramatic production, "All My Sons." The play will be presented Nov. 1, 2, 7 and 8.

When FJC's drama department presents Arthur Miller's play, "All My Sons" on Nov. 1, 2, and Nov. 7, 8,9, there will be many committees whose jobs influenced the presentation by their work.

The stage crews, the lighting crews, the set designers and makers, the stage managers, the committees concerned with costumes and makeup, the committees who publicize the play, and the many who distribute tickets will have added a part to the production. Without these committees the cast often would find it hard to say "the show must go on."

The unsung heroes of backstage are many.

Various committees are composed of students taking a class which is connected with their committee. The Theatre Crafts classes carry much of the crews, and set design work.

Mary Knaus is in charge of costumes for the presentation. Terry Lamb will oversee tickets sales.

Stage managers Nancy Martin and Rosalie Abrams make sure that all details concerning the committees are in order.

Galen Hall will be in charge of make up while Ron Valencia will manage props. Program manager is Dorene Kallman. House manager is Lester Grasselli.

The cast, consisting of Charles Fisher, Grace Johnson, Jerry Sy, Katherine Sellars. Jim Endirott, Warren Hraback, Lynn Tab, Dick Sanderson, Mary Ann Rowles and Darwin Fredrickson, is now in blocking rehearsals.