'All My Sons' Concludes Successful Stage Run

Fullerton College Hornet  - Carolyn Pogue - Friday, November 15th, 1963

George Archambeault's production of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons," finished its run Saturday night to a half-filled house, but to the tune of success.

Archambeault achieved true theater in this production through amazing character analysis, interpretation and his uncanny sense of timing.

Probably the hardest thing that was overcome during the rehearsals was the dragging tempo that often means the difference between a moving, living play and a third-class mediocre one.

It would be unfair to say that every character was sharp and that everyone "knew" his character as well as he could, but special recognition should be given to Jerry Sy who had his character so well defined that at times the only thing one could say would be that he "was" the character.

Something, however, should be said about the different audiences and the attendance at the performances. The high school group that showed up for the Oct. 31 showing, which was comprised of drama students from the Northern Orange County area was probably the most enthusiastic group of the six-day run. This group contrasted greatly to the audience Nov. 7 which was probably the coldest group to attend. However, the troupe managed to rise above it and turned out an exceptional performance despite everything.

Archambeault, who seems to enjoy directing plays by Miller, found quite a difference in doing this play after "The Crucible" last year. "The Crucible" went along on the terror of its plot, "All My Sons," leaned on its air of depression and continual conflict.

All in all, Archambeault can take credit along with his group of actors and actresses for a job well done. One without the other couldn't have done as well.