Miranda Opening A Success

Fullerton College Hornet  - Dick Clever - Friday, March 20th, 1964

All of the exhaustive effort, sweat, tears and loving toil of the FJC drama department culminated last Friday night in what this reviewer would call a highly successful opening of its fall production of Peter Blackmore's "Miranda."

As the curtain rose, the weeks of preparation of Archambeault, Stoughton and Company became a reality and @inal judgment rested with the audience. Unless we miss our guess, the audience was pleased and delighted with what it saw.

Sandy Mann performed in the title role of "Miranda," the mischievous and beguiling mermaid. What a superb performance it was. Despite some of the"biological" limitations of her role she managed to entirely bewitch the men and alienate the women in the play. She was kind of fickle about it in the end, though.

In one particularly outstanding scene, Charles (Ron Valencia), and Nigel (Emil Roberts), confronted one another and discovered that they each had been given a token of love by the indiscriminate "Miranda" The scene was acted out beautifully and Valencia's facial expressions added the final touch to it.

Katherine Sellars turned in an excellent performance as Lady Martin. She conveyed the impression of the loving and infinitely patient wife standing by while her husband goes through the rigors of second childhood.

The entire cast played well with no character seeming to "upstage" the others. The set, designed by Trina Portillo, was as well done as any to be seen in professional theater. The lighting and special effects directed by Chuck Kading, were well timed and blended into the total production.

There didn't appear to be any "bad" moments during the entire play.

Beneath it all was the flair of George Archambeault and George Stoughton productions. All this reviewer can do is lavish infinite praise.