Rehearsals Long Hours Herald 'The Crucible'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, November 2nd, 1962
MOMENT OF WEAKNESS-Jill Heins gives i to her tormentors as they scare her into believing that her employers Elizabeth and John Proctor are witches. Tormentors are (from Left) Jo Ann Wheatley, Karen Halley and Connie Swanson.

Activity in the Drama Department is increasing daily 'as members prepare for the production of "The Crucible!', "The Crucible," by Arthur Miller, will be given Nov. 9and 10 in the Lois E. Plummer auditorium at 8 :15 p.m. The play is now in final rehearsal as F JC actors and actresses have costumes fitted and perfect their roles.

The setting is in Old Salem, during colonial days, and necessitates Puritan costumes. Unusual clothes are not the only adjustments to the era the thespians must make. Arthur Miller has caught the flavor of colonial speech in his play, and while it is easily understood, it is different.

Old Speech

Double negatives were correct in those days, and the subjective mood took unusual forms. Most students interested in drama are also interested in correct speech, and the switch to grammar that is no longer acceptable is difficult. Commenting on this aspect of the play, Drama Club "Language used in the Salem times was of a unique and different quality and creates many problems for the actor in adapting himself to their particular type of phraseology and structural linguistics. 'The Crucible' will be of special interest to to language students." Dennis Curry has the part of .John W¥lard in the play .

Moral Message

A more important aspect of the play is the psychological and social message which is dramatically presented by Miller. Historical tragedy is not often seen, in America. The fact that the Salem witch trials actually took place should give special meaning to what Miller has to say about truth, stupidity, nobility and brutality.

George Archambeault; head of the Drama department and director of the play emphasized, the values of "The Crucible" by saying "One of the primary considerations of play selection for our college is to select one of value to the educational, intellectual, and cultural stimulation of a young mind seriously searching for understanding of the society in which he lives. With this in mind, our past fall productions have been selected. We feel, in keeping with this policy, 'The Crucible' is a most important play for our time. We hope everyone will pick up his two free tickets from the Deans office".

·Fine Job

Mr. Archambeault further commented that the cast has been doing a fine job, and that the stage crew was working at all to carry out the important back stage operations necessary for a good production.

Nancy Martin announced that coffee,. punch and cookies would be served free at both performances, courtesy of the Drama department. ·