FJC's Fall Play, 'The Crucible' Is Successful says Drama Head

Fullerton College Hornet  - Linda Morck - Friday, November 16th, 1962

FJC drama students successfully produced "The Crucible" last Friday and Saturday night at the' Louis E. Plummer auditorium.

Large audiences saw the well rehearsed, well-directed efforts of the Drama department as they recreated the shocking events of the Salem witch trials.

The cast had the difficult problem of making us squirm, as the government of that day hunted down witches in the name of God.< The whole idea of hanging witches es would seem amusing, except that it is too near and dear to our Puritan hearts. We still feel that getting rid of a few 'witches' in the name of Democracy will save us.

Acting Credits

It is to the credit of everyone connected with the presentation of "The Crucible" that the screaming accusations and wild antics of our ancestors brought chills instead of laughter.

The cast as a whole performed smoothly and convincingly, but special notice must be given to Judith Stoner, Robert Hart and Dennis Bergmann. Judith Stoner, as Elizabeth Proctor, played a quiet, tightly controlled part which might have been, a minor-role, but to which she gave a great deal of depth and understanding. Not part of her acting duties, but nevertheless something many commented on was her beautiful blond hair flowing down on her dark Puritan costume.

As Reverend John Hale, Robert Hart gave an impressive performance. His beautiful voice and fine acting were a great asset to the production.

Dennis Bergmann played the lead part of John Proctor, and while at first hesitant, warmed up to his part and gave a sincere and moving performance.

There are many in the large cast that deserve mention, but important to the play were Jo Ann Wheatley, Jill Heins and Charles S. Fisher.

Supporting Roles

Jo Ann Wheatley, ,the closest thing to a witch in the play, was well suited, for a vixen, with her red hair and lively acting. She played the part of Abigail Williams well.

Charles S. Fisher .played the part of Deputy-Governor Danforth in a thundering manner, but carried it off well, and Jill Heins was very good as Mary Warren.

Most of the actors spoke loudly and clearly, and the fact·that there was some difficulty hearing them must be largely blamed on the poor acoustics of the auditorium.

The stage crew did a magnificent job on the setting, which was both simple and , imaginative. The lighting and the feeling of depth achieved by the open beams gave the actors freedom in their movements.

Others in the cast were Joanne Thompson, Robert A. Hubbard, Judy Burnett, Connie Swanson, Rosalie Abrams, James Dewit, Karen Hawley, Crace Johson, Robert B. Hardwick, Jerry Sy, Dick Bell, Dennis Curry, James W. Mings, Olivia Parks, and Ron Valencia.