'You Can't Take It With You' Starts six performance run

Fullerton College Hornet  - Judy Jernigan - Friday, March 22nd, 1963
Snake hunting, ballet dancing, catching flies, making comedy, and occasionally being arrested are a few of the mapcap enterprises of the Sycamore family in tonight’s FJC Spring Play, “You Can’t Take It With You”. There will be six performances and limited seating. The dates are March 21, 22, 28, 29 and 30. The curtain goes up a at 8:15 p.m. each performance. The FUHS Little Theatre will be the setting and the tickets are: students 50 cents, adults $1.00 and one free ticket will be given to any FJC, ASB Card holder (see Mrs. Garner in the Dean’s Office). Other tickets may be order by telephoning 871-8000, extension 55 from 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. The story behind the play is about the Sycamore family, who at first seem a little crazy. As Grandpa says in the play, “I don’t see anyone I don’t want to; don’t have six hours of things I have to do everyday before I get one hour to do what I like…” That is his life’s philosophy and it is found all through the play in the actions of the whole family. The plot is about young Tony Kirby, who has fallen in love with Alice Sycamore and the attitudes of his parents when they come to dine with the Sycamores---on the wrong evening. This farce-comedy was written by the classical comedy writers of the 20th century, Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Main Character Penelope Sycamore, a main character is being played by Jo Ann Wheatly, Miss Wheatly was in last fall’s play “The Crucible” where she portrayed the character of Abigail. Her theatrical arts background include three years of training at Whittier High School. Next fall will find Miss Wheatly attending San Francisco State College as a major in the field of dramatics. Charles Fisher has the male lead of Martin Vanderhof. He also appeared in “The Crucible,” and has done work with the Fullerton Footlighters. Other plays to his name are “Our Town” and “Inherit the Wind.” Fischer had the honor of being the first receiver of Buena Park High School’s Best Actor’s Award. He has won awards in the fields of journalism and speech. Many of the costumes are being gathered by the students from their homes, the rest are being made under the skillful aid of Miss Tina Portillo. Larry J. Ward, who was interviewed for the story, said “Rehearsals are coming along as expected with as few problems as possible.” He said that this was a play that would appeal to most people and reward them with an entertaining evening. Cast Given The other characters and who will portray then, are (in order of appearance: Essis, Connis Swanson; Rheba, Sandy Klien; Paul Sycamore, Robert Hoffman; Mr. De Pinna, Mike Renard; Ed, Bernard Whittington; DOnal, John Walkowiczl Alice, Judy Stoner; Henderson, Larry Ward; Tony Kirby, Dick Clemments; Boris Kolenkhov, Ron Valencia; Gay Wellington, Susan Geach; Mr. Kirby, Robert Hubbert; Mrs. Kirby, Grace Johnson; Three Men, Les Grasselli, Terry Lamb, and Larry Ward; and Olga, Rosilie Abrams.