Romance, Excitement Foremost in FJC Play

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Saturday, March 30th, 1963
PEERING CONVICTS-Larry Ward (Alfred), Henry Hoffman (Jules), and Ron Valencia (Joseph), as the good convicts, peer into the harassed household which they save. Play continues run tonight, Saturday, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of next week in the College' Little Theater.

Climaxing 150 hours of rehearsal, the Drama Department of Fullerton Junior College presented its version of "My Three Angels" by Sam and Bella Spewack, Thursday.

Takes Place in 1910

Taking place in the Christmas Eve of 1910 in the penal colony of Cayenne, French Guina, the play is about three of the involuntary inhabitants, Joseph (Ron Valencia), Jules (Henry Hoffman), and Alfred (Larry Ward). Placed on the island for various reasons, Joseph an ex-forger, Jules a killer of a faithless wife, and Alfred an ex playboy who killed for money, these three find themselves repairing the roof of store keeper Felix Ducotels (Robert L. La Rock) and wind up trying to solve his financial problems brought about by Uncle Henri (Dough Harland) with their snake, Adolphe, who was adopted by the "Three Angels" after having fallen on one of the less agreeable guards who had been stationed to guard the prisoners.

Romance Comes

Romance also comes into the fore with ex-playboy Alfred getting emotionally involved with Maria Louise's (Virginia Maben) problem of catching Paul (Jerry Sy), the spineless nephew of Henri Tochard, or at least a suitable substitute.

The play, which still has March 30 and 31 and April 5, 6, and 7 left to play is being presented at the College Little Theater, located on Chapman and Lemon Avenues. The admission prices are: adults$1.00; students-50 cents, with one free ticket going to those with an ASB card. These tickets may be picked up in the Deans' office.