JC Students Begin Rehearsals For "Workshop 62" Presentation

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, April 27th, 1962

Six valiant students will realize the agonizing and hair-graying business of play production, as "Workshop '62," a presentation of the Fullerton Junior College Department of Drama, proceeds with full-time rehearsals.

These six students - Edgardo Escobar, Michel Newland, Dick Bell, Larry ,Ward, Henry Hoffman, Lana Neece- have been chosen by supervising director Mr. George Archambault, FJC drama instructor, to stage and direct the six one-act plays, which will be presented on May 31, June 1, 2 and 7, 8, 9, in the South Lounge.

The one-acts chosen for production are the following: "Riders to the Sea," John Millington Synge's poetic masterpiece of an Irish mother of a fisherman who drowns at sea-directed by Micheal Newland, with Leslie Meadows, Pat Layman, Dan. Reed, Barbara Hyink; "Mooney's Kid Don't Cry" by Tennessee Williams, a powerful sketch of a worker, his wife and his child - directed by Edgardo Escobar, with Ron Valencia, Virgina Maben; "Fumed Oak" by Noel Coward, an hilarious, saucy comedy on conformity directed by Larry Ward, with Robert Hoffman, Peggy Menaugh, Allison Miller, Carole E w a 1 d; "He 1 en a Husband" by Philip Moeller, a farce whose locale is fifth century Greece - directed by Dick Bell, with Claudia Moonier, Doug Harlan, Jack Edwards, Tom Kakos; "The Stronger" by August Strindberg, an absorbing sketch on loneliness - directed by Lana neece, with Elinora Sanford and Mary Ann Beacock; and "Table Number Seven'1 by Terrence Rattigan, a skillfully written play depicting love in- an age of changing values - directed by Henry Hoffman, with Nancy Roberts,. Jim O'Toole, Rosalie A b r a m s, J e r r y S y, Nancy Cuinmings, Gretchen Maloy, Joann Wheatley, Virginia Blair, Lee Peck and Hoffman

Mr. Archambeault stated: "This year's presentation is an attempt to develop a program of dramatic activity which will answer the needs of all, the students in the department and our sponsors, the FJC student body The acting classes have been assigned to the plays selected and directed by the directing class."

Tickets will go on sale soon. Students will be entitled to one free ticket upon presentation of their ASB card.