Plays To Be Presented By Drama Department

Fullerton College Hornet  - Henry Hoffman - Friday, May 18th, 1962

"Workshop '62" a group of six one-act plays is being approached m the spirit of questioning and experimenting, for in no school activity is there a greater opportunity for experimenting than in dramatics.

In every one of the six one-acts, particularly "Table Number Seven" by Terrence Rattigan and

"Riders To The Sea" by John Millington Synge, one finds life in some of its many forms. Mr. Rattigan's play explores the fatal separateness of human lives, that man because he is gifted with reason lives in an unbearable prison. Man is life being aware of itself; he has awareness of himself, of his fellow man, if his past, and the possibilities of his future. This awareness of himself as a separate entity, the awareness of his own short life, the awareness of his aloneness and separateness of his helplessness before the forces of nature and all society makes him seek and reach out to unite himself with other men, with the world outside.

"Riders to the Sea" is superb theater, for each fiber of the composition is life specifically rendered.The characters in this little tragedy of the sea are not symbolist shadows but persons in an environment or milieu of occupations and customs who had similiar experiences with the stormy Atlantic off the coast of, Ireland. The characters are lifelike, and their speech is so much a part of their character, that merely being alive and responding to an off-stage occurrence is action enough. The play, a poetic drama, is defined by Synge: "It is possible for a writer to be rich and copious in his words, and at the same time to give the reality, which is the root of all poetry, in a comprehensive and natural form."

Tickets for "Workshop '62, which is to be presented in the Little Theater on May 31, June 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, will go sale next week. All tickets are $.50 but all ASB card holders are entitled to one free ticket.