Seasoned Performers In Theatre Production

Fullerton College Hornet  - Lee Trachtenberg - Friday, February 28th, 1969

With a cast less than half the size of his last one, director George D. Archambeault has begun production of a dramatic work that won six oscars in its Hollywood version.

In "A Man For All Seasons" Mr. Archambeault has found a script that "challenges everything a junior college student would have to offer."

The play has half as many parts as the 33-member "Madwoman of Chaillot" cast under Mr. Archambeault's direction last fall. The< present production is scheduled for two three-day runs on March 6, 7 and 8 and March 13, 14 and 15.

Most literary and dramatic pieces "are carried along by the story-line," Mr. Archambeault pointed out. "A Man for All Seasons" is a reversal of this process in that subtle interpretations and projection of ideas are of supreme importance.

"In most cases," explained the director, "the conflict and excitement in this play are intellectual rather than physical. It is dependant upon the ability of good actors to create rather complex human beings."

Among those acting out the story, which surrounds the treasonous silence of Sir Thomas More during the religious turmoil caused by Henry VIII's break with the Pope, are several season veterans.

Two-thirds of the cast were present in "Madwoman" and half of these were also in Cosmo Inserra's "Antigone."

Assuming the Thomas More role that won Paul Scofield an oscar is season newcomer Sheldon Craig. In her first performance this school year, Raynette Halvorsten will portray his wife, Lady Alice Barbara Klevies will his daughter, Lady Margaret.

Returning for their third performances this year are Cliff Senior as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bill Verderber as Thomas Cromwell and Gym Williams as Cardinal Wolsey.

Other three-timers include Jerry Watson as the Duke of Norfolk and Walter LaFontaine in the royal role of King Henry. Among season veterans are also Crandall Thompson, the Spanish Ambassador, Gary Barlow, the Ambassador's attendant and Kathy Melcher as a woman.

Roles filled by newcomers are the Common Man by Dave Hobson, William Roper by John Mitchell and Master Richard Rich by Henry Zuznkowski.

Technical director Todd Glen is in charge of constructing a set and suggestive scenery indicating different locals. Among the student staff are stage manager Cordelia Moore and soundman Del Lippold.