'Mister Roberts' sails high at FC Theatre Arts

Fullerton College Hornet  - Michelle Flores - Friday, December 5th, 1986
ALL HANDS 'ON DECK- The crew of the U.S.S. Reluctance gather around in FC's production of "Mister Roberts." Pictured (from left) are Insigna (Nicholas E. Boicourt), Stefanowski. (Don Mercer), Mannion (Todd Langwell), Wiley (Tom Cannon), Lindstrorn (Tony Faris), Mister Roberts (Brian Kojac), Martin (Martin Williams),. Schlemmer (Mark Fleisher), Gerhart (Jay Hamacek), Bryce (Chris Bray).

All. hands on, deck!..All hands on deck! Put down that issue, of Yachting Today! Never mind catching; that Love Boat rerun! Forget America's Cup!l If you' want: to experience authentic naval adventure, get your "arse" down. to the FC Studio Theatre either tonight, tomorrow night or Sunday afternoon to catch the, last. performances of the Bob Jensen-directed marine saga, "Mr . Roberts."

Blimey,. mate! This Theatre Department production is by far the' best thing that: those nor'easterners have blown in for' a long time! Not only is the cast a regular "catch of :the day," but these blokes and scalawags who are_ also in charge of scenery, props, and costume have outdone themselves in reproducing the setting and atmosphere of-the good ol' South Pacific at the tail end of World War II.

Ahoy! Hold on lads! -I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here! "Mister Roberts," a comed/drama by Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan, spins the yarn of a group of raspy sailors waiting for the end of the ware aboard a cargo ship.

The poor swabs haven't had a shore leave in a year, on account of their son-of-a-gun captain, played with malicious delight by Randy Stripling: In fact, Stripling is so good at being bad that he makes Louis Gossett Jr.'s portrayal of a drill sergeant. in ;the movie "An Officer, and a Gentlemen". look. like 'a Mr. Whipple.

Lt. (JO) 'Roberts ,(Mr. Roberts to the men) is a pain in the Captan's arse, not only for championing the men's' cause, but for, regularly- sending letters asking for a transfer to a destroyer. Ya see, he's had" it up to. the eyebrows with- the tyrannical capt'n and feels that anyone who doesn't fight in this war is only "half alive."

Brian Kojac plays the action seeking Mr. Roberts with Joan of Arcish sincerity. Blow me down if ya can't ache with feeling for him as he's torn between serving the men and needing to fight his own fight within himself and the war.

But hey mates,' this play is s'posed to be funny too and is very much so thanks to the gut busting comedic performances by Michael S. Brainard who plays Ensign-Pulver and Peter J. Edgar as Doc.

The dry-witted and wise Doc is Mr. Roberts' "Dear Abby" confidante and, friend. Ensign Pulver is the wet-behind-the-ears- young officer whose job, description reads"officer of laundry. and morale." Other, finely funny performances are given by the rascally crew, including the sailors. Mannion( Todd Langwell); Insigna

(Nicholas. E. Boicourt); Lindstrom (Tony Farms); Stefanowski (Don West Mercer) and Wiley (Tom Cannon).

An especially poignant performance is given by Kyle Myers as Dolan, the ship's clerk who keeps sending Mr. Robert's letters, even against the captain's orders. Well, you motley bunch, what are you waiting for, a special invite?

"Mr. Roberts" will be shown tonight at 8 p.m. and Saturday night at the same time in the Studio Theatre on campus. The final performance will" be a 2:30 matinee this Sunday.

If you've never seen a. play before., this is the best ::bet to introduce you to the genre. If you have, so. much the better to appreciate the action. Anchors aweigh!