O'Rourke, Fisher Featured In Play

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, April 21st, 1961
L-R, Peter O'Rourke and Chuck Fisher

Tonight at 8 p.m. marks the second performance of the Spring Play entitled "The White Sheep of the Family."

This Spring Play has a cast of nine, and promises to rival the popular "Apollo of Bellac,' which was presented earlier this season by the FJC drama department.

"White Sheep of the Family" opened in London, Eng- land in 1951., and toured the continent and them came to America and starred Evert E. Horton, who had appeared in over fifty plays. This popular play was seen at the Pasadena Playhouse about five years ago.

"White Sheep of the Family"is a comedy, a farce. It concerns a family of well-to-do crooks. Peter Winter, played by Peter O'Rourke, is the son who . wants to qUit the fold to go straight. Peter has developed into an excellent forger and shocks the family with his plans. Other members of the cast include: Alice Winter, played by Nancy McFadden; Janet, the maid, played by Lana Neece; James Winter, played by Chuck Fisher; Pat Winter, his daughter, played by Mike Newland; Assistant Commissioner John Preston, Don Cummings;

a Vicar, Henry Hoffman; Sam Jackson, Art Koustik; and Angela Preston, Peter's fiancee, played by Artella Navarrette.

Farce comes from the Latin word farcier meaning to stuff or >fill in, so called because early farces were used to fill in the interludes between part of a play. The commedia del alte of France, developed the farcier into a play style which is being presented in the Little Theatre tonight.

The play is in two acts. It is a three-dimentional play in two dimensions in that the set is in 3-D but. everything will be painted on the walls, Only the actors, props and furniture will be in three-dimension. The tickets are fifty cents per person for all performances. But there is a limited amount of tickets for each performance and many reservations are being made so the number is diminishing.