'Peter Pan' the ticket to Never Never Land

Fullerton College Hornet  - Shelton Hill - Friday, December 12th, 1986
WITH DARING ANTICIPATION-Peter Pan (Vickie Arentz) helps the Lost Boys (from left: Matthew Demsey, Mitch Hull, Brain Babcock, Caleb Hagemeister) plan their escape from the evil clutches of Captain Hook. FC's musical production of "Peter Pan" will be presented at the Campus Theatre through Dec. 14. Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for students and children.

The FC Theatre Arts Department seems to have really out- done, itself in its delightful presentation of "Peter Pan."

Based on the original play by ·Sir James M. Barrie, this musical adaption features not only adult· actors, but a very talented cast of young actors as well.

"Peter Pan" features Vickie and Bernadette Mendoza double-casted as the ever-young· Peter Pan, and Tracy Halbmaier in the role of Wendy Darling. The two Darling boys, John and Michael. are played very sweetly by two real life brothers, Raphael and Gabriel Barrigan, respectively.

Halbmaier was charming as Wendy and at one point sang a ·lovely solo which stirred the audience. Most of the applause,however, was stolen by rian Kojac in the role of Captain Hook (Kojac also portrayed the bumbling Mr. Darling).

Kojak, with the help of a goofy sidekick, Smee, portrayed by

Tony Hicks, managed to keep the audience laughing throughout the play.

The entire cast of "Peter Pan" really keeps the· audience entertained. At several points in the play, the cast actually rushes off stage into the audience, making the audience feel as though they

themselves are actually a part of the play.

After viewing "Peter Pan," one can plainly see that the theatre department put a lot of time and effort into thier production. This makes "Peter Pan" well worth seeing.