Terra Nova, race in time

Fullerton College Hornet  - Cathy Yarnovich - Friday, December 4th, 1987

To see Terra Nova, Fullerton College's current theatre production, is to relive a part of history, not; in a dry sense of dates but through the emotions, feelings and struggle of exhibitionists who lost their lives for the sake of pride.

Terra Nova, a brilliant first play by Ted Nally, deals with the race between English and Norwegian explorers to the Antartic that occurred in the early 1900's. The action of the play deals with the British explorer, Captain Robert Falcon Scott, and his men at different :stages of their ordeal and also flashbacks of Scott and his wife, Kathleen. Through numerous surreal scenes, Scott is visited by an imaginary Norwegian competitor who is actually Scott's alter ego.

The play, double-casted and directed by FC instructor Bob Jensen, conveys to the audience the pain of Scott and his men as the actors engage in a display of infighting that took place among the ex'plorers themselves in their quest to reach Antartica before, their Norwegian counterparts.

Intense, yet so very real to the viewer, FC's interpretation of Terra Nova is eloquently moving. While both casts work upon the same script, each interpretation is diversely done with a singular quality of its own. For this reason, it would be worthy to.see both casts' production of Terra Nova.

The cast of both productions includes: Don Mercer and Tim Lawson as Captain Scott; Mike Glenning and Andrew Lowery as Roald Amundsen; and Lydia Dunn and Kathy McCarthy as Kathleen. Also appearing in the play are: (Cast 1) Tony Farris, Jose Lavarreda, Dirck Prelitz, Brad River, and (Cast A) Nick Boicourt, William Cole, Steve Spehar, and Carmen Torzon.

Tickets are currently on sale as the production runs Dec. 3-5 and Dec. 6-13: They may be purchased at the Fine Arts Box Office on campus or by phoning (714) 871-8101.