Othello To Open Fall Season

Fullerton College Hornet  - Lee Trachtenberg - Friday, September 12th, 1969

After lecturing, judging, studying and on-looking for a year in England, George L. Stoughton feels "comfortable" in his first assignment upon return to FJC directing Shakespeare's "Othello."

The Shakespearean production will open the 1969-70 drama season with its five-night run on Oct. 24, 25, 30 and 31 and Nov. 1. Performances will take place in the Campus Theatre as will cast auditions, which are set for Monday and Tuesday next week.

During his sabbatical, Mr. Stoughton viewed 87 English productions. An even more valuable experience was his studying the prompt book used by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company in its last showing of "Othello."

"It will have the flavor of the Italian Renaissance in scope," Mr. Stoughton said. That means the traditional Elizabethan costumes and scenery will make way for a stylization more in keeping with the play's Venice locale.

"Othello is the summit of Shakespeare's achievement" as far as dramatic works are concerned, Mr. Stoughton said. He previously has directed "Taming of the Shrew" at FJC, a work which he termed the playwright's "best comedy."

"Prejudice, jealousy and ambition" are elements brought out in the dramatic work, the instructor said. "The Moor (Othello) is of another race and color and his marriage to a Venetian is not 'approvable.' The play has a parallel meaning with contemporary problems."

A rake stage, one that slants upward toward the back of the stage, will be used, according to technical director Todd Glenn. In pre-Elizabethan theatres the rake stage was needed because the audience sat at one level, Mr. Glenn explained. It is being used for special effect, however, in this production.

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