Stoughton Returns From Shakespearian Sabbatical

Fullerton College Hornet  - Nancy Neil - Friday, October 3rd, 1969

"Othello" director, George L. Stoughton, member of the theater arts faculty, has just returned to FJC from a year's sabbatical in Europe where he made extensive studies of Shakespearean drama.

In preparation for this year's production of "Othello," Mr. Stoughton went to the city of Shakespeare's birth, Stratford on Avon. In the Shakespearean Centre, he visited the Nuffield Libary, devoted entirely to the writings of Shakespeare, essays on his works, and various adaptations of his dramas.In the Nuffield Library, Mr. Stoughton studied the two major English productions of "Othello." Sir John Gielgud, a renowned English actor, starred in the 1961 production of "Othello" under the direction ofsFranco Zeffirelli. The 1959 production starred Negro actor, Paul Robeson, and Jose Ferrar. This play was produced by Tony Richardson.

While in Great Britain, Mr. Stoughton saw as many Shakespearen dramas as possible. "The two major repertoire companies in England are the National Theater Company and the Royal Shakespeare Company, which are both outstanding in Shakespearean drama" explained Mr.Stoughton.

During his: year in Europe, Mr. Stoughton traveled through Great Britain, Scotland, Holland, Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Spain, and saw over 89 plays. His greatest interest was theater involvement in Great Britain and Elizabethean drama.