Old-fashioned melodrama revived on FJC stage

Fullerton College Hornet  - Kathy Levins - Friday, February 27th, 1970
MELODRAMA STAGED -- Klondike Cora (Polly Norby) and Simon Filagree (Mark Klopfenstein) are the villains in the Children's Theatre Production of "Heaven Bless All Children," written by Richard Thompson, F J C instructor.

It was once said that 'Who holds the souls of children, holds the nation." Therefore, it might be said that Theatre Arts instructor Mr. Richard Thompson has got the whole world in his hands.

Mr. Thompson is the playwrite of the next production in FJC's Campus Theatre. The play "Heaven Bless All Children" is an old fashioned melodrama with a new twist. It is a Children's Theatre Production for ages 6-60, bringing to mind the question: Who has reached puberty, and who hasn't?

The twist to the melodrama is that the children turn out to be the heroine and the hero. (That must mean that Rin-Tin-Tin is on the way out!) The young heroine and hero, Margaret Marvel and Wee Dilly Stinky are portrayed by Susan Davis and Sherrie Lendroth. The marvelous parents of these heroic children are Millicent and Mack Marvel, who are played by Susan Vendrell and Cliff Senior.

All melodrama have bad guys and this one is no exception. The villain, Simon Filagree, and the villainess, Klondike Cora, are en acted by Mark Klopfenstein and Polly Norby.

Behind every villain or villainess, whichever the case may be is a "Sherlock Holmes." The detective in "Heaven Bless All Children" is played by Harry Anderson. Anderson is also seen as Wormwood, the butler, and the Railroad Station Agent.

To save the souls of all the sinners, which undoubtly includes the villainess, is character Birdie Biddle, the Save-A-Soul-Day Missoin Lady, who is portrayed by Linda Sheehan.

Other children in the play are Dick and Jane, who help the marvelous hero and heroine follow the action. Dick is played by Wayne Bearss and Jane is enacted by Diane Perez. Moose Meat, an Eskimo friend of Mack Marvel, is played by Ron Coffman. Beth Callas, Patty Richard, Terry Sidell, Eric Swenson and Bradley Watson are seen on an Express train. Patty Richard is also seen as the hand.

"Heaven Bless All Children" will be presented on the Saturdays of March 7 and 14 at 10:30 a.m. and Sundays of March 8 and 15 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are free to students who have special discountcards and also to certified and classified employees of FJC.