'Physicists' Run Extended; Two Extras Planned

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, December 9th, 1966
CRIME SCENE- Larry Weimer (left) and Jerry Sy investigate a cold-blooded murder in "The Physicists." Lying in the midst of evidence is Jan Brady.

The Theatre Arts Department announced Wednesday that their production of "The Physicists" had been sold out for this week, therefore they quickly scheduled two extra for Wednesday, Dec. 14 and Thursday, Dec. 15.

Free tickets for ASB card holders and faculty members may be picked up at the Theatre Arts office, the deans' office and the extended day office in the Administration Building.

In the plot of the play author Freidrich Durrenmatt puts his physicists in a madhouse or asylum. The action unfolds around the bizarre activities of the mad physicists who are fully convinced that their common home is much saner than the mad world they have left behind.