Curtain Goes Up On 'The Miracle Worker'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, May 12th, 1967
DRAMATIC SCENE- Glorie Barthilonew, as Annie Sullivan, finally breaks through to Helen Keller, portrayed by Carol Markowski, in a scene from "The Miracle Worker." The play opens tonight at the New Campus Theatre.

The curtain will rise tonight at the Campus Theatre with the Theater Arts department's production of "The Miracle Worker," by William Gibson. This great hit play and movie is considered one of the most admired in recent stage and screen history.

Under the direction of George D. Archambeault, the large cast features Gloria Bartholomew as Annie Sullivan, Carol Markowski as Helen, Rober Blessas as Mr. Keller, and Karin Benson as Mrs. Keller. Supporting players include Glen Lamb, Charlotte Spar, George Pelham, Phyllis Citty, Brad Perkins, William Emmons, Pat Mackin, Mary Adele Powalka, Karen Hopkins, Beryl Florell, Hillary Webb, Elaine Powalka and Robert Haney.

Settings were designed and created by Mr. Todd V. Glen and costumes were designed by Mr. George L. Stoughton.


Lighting technician Larry Wiemer, who designed and hung the lights reports that there are over 70 light changes during the play. He is trying for a realistic effect which was lacking in "Death of a Salesman." In several instances during the play, Annie hears voices from her childhood, and with the lights an effect must be created to let the audience know exactly what she is experiencing. "Unfortunately, it is often difficult toget a realistic effect with lights," says Larry.

Mr. Gibson's inspiration to write this play came after being commissioned to write a few pages of text for a spoken commentary to accompany a solo dancer on the theme of Helen Keller's life. Annie Sullivan's devotion and inspiration to Helen was to be the driving force behind his pen.

Curtain time is scheduled for 8 p.m. tonight, tomorrow and May 18, 19 and 20. Tickets may still be obtained from the Theatre Arts Department box office on campus, with one ticket allowed per student body card.


The Theatre Arts Department has also announced that it will operate its Summer Theatre Workshop this year. Two productions are planned to give all registered students an opportunity to expand their competency in the various areas of theatre.

All interested students are advised to sign up for the course in the records office. It will be an eight week session with the first production at the end of the fifth week and the second production at the end of the seventh week.