FJC Drama Season Opens

Fullerton College Hornet  - Lee Trachtenberg - Friday, October 25th, 1968

Things have gone "Mad" at the Campus Theatre, and that's just how director George D. Archambeault and his troupers want it.

Having opened the drama season with an 8 p.m. showing of "Madwoman of Chaillot" last night, Mr. Archambeault's cast the crew is a similar three-day run next week.

Adults tickets will be on sale at the theatre box office for $1.50 while FJC Student Services Card holders will be admitted free. All other college, high school and elementary school students may purchase tickets for 75 cents.

Playing the title role in Jean Giraudoux's modern fable in two acts is dramatist Chris Keyes. As the mad Countess Aurelia, Chris must escape from her dream world long enough to save the world from destruction at the hands of Bill Verderber multi-millionaire corporation president, and oil prospector Tony Castle.

Holding key roles in the classic struggle between good and evil are Phyllis Alongi as the waitress, Irma, and Ron Coffman as Pierre. Aiding the countess in her effort are Ragpicker Rob Anderson and three of Aurelia's mad friends, protrayed by Barbara Klevies, Kathy Melcher and Becky Villalvazo.

For the first time in the theatre's three-year, nine-show history, the trap door will be used. "It's as flexible as any in South Southern California," declared director Archambeault in noting the ability of the campus stage to technically adapt itself to a wide variety of shows. For example, when George L. Stoughton, currently on sabbatical leave in Europe, returns to FJC next fall, he may make use of the thrust stage for a Shakespearean performance.

In the present performance, sewer man Jerry Watson has a unique role via the trap door in the solution of the countess's problem. Upholding the law in the midst of this crisis are police sergeant Bob Haney and rookie Larry Travis.

Providing shades of gray in characterization are the semi-evil baron, Walter LaFontaine, and stock broker, Lee Trachtenberg. Marty Herzog portrays a semigood little man.

Among the vagabonds who gather at the Madwoman's Cafe Chez Francis are Sue Strang, Cliff Senior, Syd Digert, Jan Washburn, Del Lippold, Gary Barlow, Mike Crosson and Steve Dyer. Serving restaurant customers are waiter Gym Williams, doorman Mike Ludwig and newspaperwoman Corky Moores.

Additional performances are offered by Crandall Thompson, Steve Foster, Kathe Nearhood, Jan Bartholomew and Lenda Wetzel.

Set and make-up design have been under the direction of instructor Todd Glen. Wendy McCue

has handled costuming.