Folk-Ballad To Be Presented at FJC

Fullerton College Hornet  - Jon Otth - Friday, February 19th, 1971

A dramatic fantasy of witchcraft and love, "Dark of the Moon" is now being rehearsed for production on the FJC stage next month.

Originally titled "Barbara Allen", "Dark of the Moon" is a variation of the famous old American folk drama, and was written by Richardson and Berney in the 1940's as a graduate project.

Large Cast

To be produced by the FJC drama department, "Dark of the Moon" will boast a larger than usual cast of 28 students, and will be directed by drama instructor Winston C. Butler.

A newcomer to the department, Mr. Butler previously directed only one FJC production, that being "The Lover" by Harold Pintar. Mr. Butler explained that "Dark of the Moon" deals with the isolated mountain "hillbillies," of an area split between those believing in witchcraft and Christianity, but that the play does not pertain to a specific time period and "could happen today."

Witchcraft Prevails

He went on to say that the story centers around a boy and girl who are in love, but have one big hangup; the boy (John) is a "witch" and the girl (Barbara) is a "mortal." The conflict that they want to be married but are hampered by the disagreement between their own people.

Mr. Butler, referring to the differing groups in the play, said "I don't think anyone is 'good' or 'bad', but that both are evil in that they are trying to destroy the love between the couple." He also said that the characters are real (believable) and that it is the story that is fantasy.Ballad in form, "Dark of the Moon" will feature vocal music (folk sings) and "erotic dances by the witches," as Mr. Butler put it.

Comedy Sparse

Although mostly dramatic, the play will offer some comic relief supplied by the humerous folk people.

Heading the cast will be Jackie Sherrill, playing the title role of Barbara Allen, followed by a new student, Tom Milne playing John, and Mike LaValley as Preacher Haggler.

The other parts will be played mostly by drama students returning from last semester, including Polly Norby, Patti Richard, Jo Anna Steffen, Janice Crow, Linda Sheehan, Derek O'Campo, Penny Hanold, Wayne Bearss and Beverly Hudelston.

New Actors

The other "relatively new" actors in the production will be Milton Lockett, Daryl Venger, Arlene Cashen, Linda Royas, Tim Moreland, Debbie Topolnak, James Goodwin, Don Campbell, Joe Fletcher, Craig Boyd, Juleen Turner, Clifford Senior, Pandora Ernst, Alice Ryan and Lance Danks.

"Dark of the Moon" will begin its run in the FJC Campus Theatre on March 19 and performances will follow on March 20, 25, 26, 27, 29 and 30.