Mike LaValley Stars In 'Dark Of Moon'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Jim Blile - Friday, March 12th, 1971

....Mike LaValley, 25, a top student in the Drama department will star in the next major production on the FJC campus, "Dark of the Moon," March 20-30.

Mike has appeared in two other plays in the last year, including "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail" and "Look Back in Anger." In addition to his role as Preacher Haggler in "Dark of the Moon,"

Mike is presently rehearsing for the play "Two for the Seesaw," in which he plays the part of a lawyer.

In high school Mike did not take drama as seriously, but now he is one of the most active drama students at FJC.

After earning his A.A. degree he plans to spend about one year and a half in both London and New York pursuing a professional acting career.

Mike enjoys the faculty and the Drama department, however there are two things which he does not like. He believes that a majority of students have a lack of dedication to Drama, and are just in it for "fun and games." He claims that there are a few dedicated people who are easy to spot because they put out the work.

Mike does not appreciate someone coming up to him before a play and asking how it's going to turn out. He says it bothers him because it's "difficult to determine how the finished product will turn out by the rehearsals."