Well Qualified Archambeault Directs Lark

Fullerton College Hornet  - Lee Ross - Friday, November 2nd, 1973

Since 1960, Fullerton College has contributed to the modern day "culture cause" through the auspices of George D. Archambeault. As the theatre arts department chairman, he is called upon to develop the "creative needs" that many of his novice actors and actresses possess. This is not an easy task, as most of the students come to him with little or no prior experience.

Odd Jobs

Unfortunately, "the most obvious job apparent to the novice in theatre is acting," said Archambeault "They don't see the other jobs such as business manager, stage manager, publicity director, ushers, props, painters, etc."

Quality the Goal

Archambeault claims that "the major problem he encounters in instructing the beginning actor or actress is teaching him, through communication, to reach the quality he expects." This takes a tremendous amount of patient vigilance. More important, it requires the expertise of a person has personally participated in all events relevant to a theatrical production. A short look at Archambeault's past proves his ability.

Joins Staff

He joined the staff of Fullerton College after 12 years of teaching at Fullerton High School. Initially, Archambeault majored in music, which he taught for several years. However, as time passed, he realized that he got much more satisfaction out of dramatic interpretation.

After performing at the Pasadena Playhouse and fulfillng his Army duty, (where he had the opportunity to get involved in directing and acting in camp shows) he headed for the East Coast. Unfortunately, he had no luck pounding the theatre circuit in New York, other than some summer stock productions. To avoid near starvation, he returned to Hollywood. It was then that he decided to seriously concentrate on his master's degree in drama.

During the interim, Archambeault utilized his musical abilities by accepting a teaching position. But the combination of holding down a position and attending school simultaneously only

frustrated him. It left him no time for theatre work.

Gets Movie PartsThe solution to this problem came while he was directing a show at a local community theatre, where it was suggested that he retain an agent. This proved extremely fruitful as it exposed him to many small movie parts, including one called "Machine Gun Kelly," some commercials and recently, an industrial film.He also performed at O'Henry's Playhouse and did several episodes of "Gunsmoke."

A man who likes something that challenges him intellectually, Archambeault chooses to direct plays that expose the serious side of life. A good example is his first production of the season, "The Lark." This play brings before us "one of the most fascinating heroines of all times - Joan of Arc," says Archambeault. It is being staged in the Campus Theatre on November 1, 2, 3, at 8:00pm