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Michael Mueller

Full Time Faculty

MICHAEL MUELLER is an actor, educator and fight choreographer. In addition to being a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD), Michael is also a combat instructor with Revenge Arts and a member of Actors' Equity Association (AEA), the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC), the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat (BASSC), Fight Directors Canada (FDC), SAG-AFTRA, and Sword Fights Inc. Michael earned his M.F.A. in Performance Pedagogy from the University of Pittsburgh and B.F.A. in Acting from Wright State University. He also serves as an Associate Editor of The Fight Master, a bi-annual magazine published through the SAFD. He has performed across the USA and in the UK as well as staged numerous acts of violence for a variety of productions. For the most recent list of credits and accomplishments, please visit his website at www.mjmueller3.com.



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THEA 100 F Introduction to the Theatre
Aug. 24 to Dec. 12
11:10am - 11:10am

THEA 127 F Oral Interpretation
Aug. 24 to Dec. 12
11:00am - 12:35pm

THEA 181 F Intermediate Principles of Acting
Aug. 24 to Dec. 12
8:00am - 10:30am

THEA 182 F Advanced Principles of Acting I
Aug. 24 to Dec. 12
8:00am - 10:30am