'Much Ado About Nothing' casted

Fullerton College Hornet  - Robert Borsum - Friday, March 11th, 1983
CAST MEMBERS REHEARSE- Fullerton College theatre students (left to right) Denis Gawronski, Michael Kelly and Kathy Van Schaik rehearse their respective roles of Borachio, Don John and Consuelo for the upcoming production of William Shakespeare's play, "Much Ado About Nothing. " The show will open for a seven-show run on April 7 in the Campus Theatre.

Casting has been completed for Fullerton College's production of William Shakespeare's play, 'Much Ado About Nothing" which opens April 7 for a sevenshow run in the campus theatre.

Heading the cast are Jack Murdock in the role of Leonato and Leslie Bisno in the role of Benedick. Both are equity actors with several years of professional experience. .

Murdock has been in the entertainment business for 40 years. He has appeared on stage, screen and television. He is presently a semi-regular performer in NBC's "Fame."

Bisno studied music at the University of Southern.California, and acting at Los Angeles.CityCollege's theatre, academy. He has appeared in several musical stage productions.

"They are both very talented and we are really lucky that they were available for this project," said Tom Blank,director and FC theatre adviser, said of Murdock and Bisno.

Fullerton College students, Scott Johnson and Ed Green, are serving as understudies in the roles of Benedick and Leonato respectively.

Other theatre students playing leading roles in "Much Ado About Nothing" are Paul Stetler as Claudio, Rand L. Hudson as Don Pedro, Michael Kelly as Don John, Debra Rae Hamby as Beatrice, and Laure Celeste MacConnell as Hero.

Fullerton. College students with supporting roles include Denis Gawronski as Borachio,. Kathy Van Shaik as Consuelo, Ron Dickinson as Dogberry, Christopher Allison as Verges, Diana Sfakianos as Ursula, and Judy K. Burgard as Margaret.

Other students playing roles in "Much Ado About Nothing" are Nancie Nelson, Jannine San Toimann, John Menke, Joey L. Hufferd, Dougless Chatfield, Kris Tibbets, Jeffry John Kamka, Carl Ray, and Rick Rafanovich.

Bob Jensen is thescenic designer, Gary Krinke costume designer, and Donna Ruzika is the show's designer.

"Much Ado About Nothing" is being presented as a joint effort by Fullerton College's Theatre Arts Department, Community Services, and the Associated Students.