'Antigone 3000'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Nadine Zalunardo - Monday, May 2nd, 1994
Antigone in the clutches of Emperor Creon

Even if doing something you feel is right means death will come to you, there are those who are willing to make that sacrifice.

French playwright "Antigone," by Jean Anouilh, is transformed into a futuristic setting with its proficient actors, space-age set design and outstanding display of sound design.

Directed by Robert Jensen, "Antigone" takes the viewer to a distant planet in the year 3000 which has values comparable to the society in which Sophocles wrote.

A fascinating aspect, before the play begins, the audience is "scanned" to see if they meet the approval of the Thebes inhabitants. Although the examined person is struck with awe, they are curious to see what happens next.

To add to the ambiance of the play, the viewers are brought to the center of the stage and exposed to an announcement made on a large screen. Posters are displayed all around.

Narrated by the Chorus of Bidalia E. Albanese and Gregory Gateley, the audience is given further information about the characters, their feelings and beliefs which fill in the empty holes of not knowing.

As the Chorus adds knowledge to the viewer, they also add to the futuristic atmosphere with their gowns of dark colors and hats with a round base and triangular top.

Daughter of deceased King Oedipus, Antigone (Jenni-Lynn McMillin) defies the orders of her uncle, King Creon (Kyle Jones), and buries the corpse of her brother. Antigone does not want her brother's soul to be condemned to wander homeless, which is the belief if he is not buried.

As several others have been punished for this crime, Creon is faced with an unlikable predicament of putting the young princess to death or inviting disorder by not enforcing his words.

At the same time, Antigone is faced with the decision of leaving the people she cares for most; her only love, .Haemon (Patrick Goddard) who is Creoni's son, her beautiful sister, Ismene (Dan Kristin) and Nurse (Dianna Green).

As Creon is willing to give Antigone a chance to live, Antigone challenges him to put her to death, believing he is afraid. With the frustration given to Creon from Antigone, he sentences her to death.

Sort of like the love story between "Romeo and Juliet," all that Creon loves and cares for is lost to death.

With actors able to display a new twist of their talent, Jones flaunts his ability to be a stern, closed-minded man capturing the attention of the audience.

McMillin exposes her skill of being able to persuade the viewer into her thoughts. 'Although she defies the law, she also knows it can be changed.

A most interesting set design, the floor and chairs are painted with designs that offer the knowledge of further high technology.

Technology actually takes over the stage with the large TV screen, the lofts in which the guards stand watch, the structure of the set itself and in the clothing worn by the cast.

Soldiers wear outfits resembling those in the Michael Jackson video at Disneyland and of Star Wars. They are rough, son of road warrior type. The face shields they wear compliment this look.

And for sound design, wow! It is definitely made to give a futuristic feeling. Everything is straight forward and to the point. With each different sound, tone or piece of music, a particular feeling comes over the viewer which creates the mood.

ยท Nothing is disguised. This play is made to let the audience know exactly what is going on at each moment. Feelings are pre-made for you to feel.

A well thought out play which deserves a lot of credit, "Antigone". captures the mind of the audience. This . uni9ue style suggests that this out-of-this-world play may be the wave of the future.

"Antigone" will be presented in the Bronwyn Dodson Theatre through May 8. Tickets are available through the Fine Arts Box Office on campus or call (714) 8718101 for further information. Tickets for this entertaining play are limited as the actors give an outstanding show ticket prices range from $5 to $8.