Fine Arts Department Presents Comic Opera

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Monday, August 8th, 1966

Varying their summer theater offering this year, the fine arts department is presenting a saucy comic opera, "Little Mary Sunshine." This musical spoof of the once popular Nelson Eddy-Jeanette MacDonald brand of entertainment has delighted audiences since its opening Nov. 18, 1959. It is now being presented by the summer theater workshop class in the Little Theater Aug. 4 through Aug, 6.

The plot concerns virtuous, fluttery Little Mary played by Diane Gaye Liekhus who spreads sunshine upon all and sings such songs as "Naughty, Naughty, Naughty" while she gives her heart to Captain Big Jim of the Forest Rangers played by Jim B u r t o n. Coy finishing school maidens, a career general, a Viennese contralto, and a vanishing Indian tribe complicate the plot which takes place high in the Colorado mountains early this century.

Cast members include: Jerry Sy as Chief Brown Bear, Fred Torres as Corporal "Billy'' Jester. The Forest Rangers are: Jeff Donald Ron, Bob Capps, John Nicholson, Wiley Walters, Glenn Lamb, and Larry Wiemer. Mme. Earnestine Von Liebedich is played by Betsy Pate. The young ladies from Eastchester Finishing School are: Annette Achay, Diane Lemunyon, Diane Schoner, Jan Harvey, Linda Schoner, Gretchen Blume, and Ruth Cosloy, Nancy Twinkle is played by Kathleen Butler and Yellow Feather by Steve Woody. Ric Richonne is General Oscar Fairfax in the play. Production director is George L. Stoughton, Technical director is Todd V. Glen. Publicity for the play is handled by George D. Archambeault