Hastings In Children's Play 'Spotted Pony'

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, February 19th, 1965

Walt Hastings, a freshman drama major from Brea, will play the part of Black Crow - Medicine Man in the children's play "Spotted Pony-Indian Brave". This play will be presented by the FJC Drama Department beginning March 5. Walt, who also had the part of Hortencio in last semester's production of "Taming of the Shrew," explains his role in "Indian Brave" as "the traditional medicine man of the tribe."

"Working in these children's plays is a lot of fun," Walt explains, "and this play is very well written." Spotted Pony was written by Richard Thompson, FJC instructor in radio and television, and is directed by George Stoughton of the Drama Department.

Outside school Walt manages .a rock-n-roll band called '"Phil and the Del-Tones." Presently his band is playing at the El Toro Marine Base, but Walt hopes to get some work at FJC during the noon dances."

Walt does not, however, play an instrument in the band, since play rehearsals take all of his free time.

Future plans for Walt include attending UCLA and earning a degree in drama. After college he hopes to go into television and the movies as a character actor. "Although being a star is a nice goal," Walt says, "I would be very happy doing support roles such as the sheriff, or bad guy, in a TV series."