'Pipe Dream' plays with people's minds

Fullerton College Hornet  - Marc Shawula - Friday, May 17th, 1985

"Pipe Dream" is a play dealing with the minds and trickery of other people. This play, done in the round (the stage . is in the center surrounded by seating), is playing in the FC Studio Theatre through this weekend.

The story involves the trouble of a former classmate of a now Harvard professor. Robin Swift (Joseph L. Hufferd) is a former classmate· of Professor Drake (Stephen Kouri) even though they have not seen each other in years.

While working in his bare office, the professor is invaded by a parade of paranoid people. Everybody is looking for Swift who had been followed across the country.

The rest of the play involves trying to figure out why Swift is in trouble and trying to determine who his friends and enemies are.

Katherine Yeager (Tracy Perdue) is trying to help Swift. The others are looking for Swift, with different intentions, including the woman (Lisa Laguette) as Harriet and the visitor from the west coast (Christopher Allison).

The trickery · in the play involves everybody, because no one is telling the professor the whole · story about anything.

The acting in this play, written by playwright Edward Mast, is very well done and convincing.

Andrew Lowery does an excellent and comical job as a law student who acts as . the professor's secretary. Kouri and Hufferd also play convincing roles in this play. -

Perdue did a fine job as the Lady but fell victim to overacting.

The stage setup was very simple, but that drew more attention to the actors making it imperative that they performed well. They passed the test.

"Pipe Dream" will finish its run this weekend. Tonight's and Saturday's performance will be at 8 p.m. Sunday's finale will be at 2:30p.m.