Fisher, Bell Head-Cast For Fall Play

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, October 5th, 1962
DISCUSSING PLAY Shown here are members of the cast for the 1962 Fall Play "The Crucible" in the early stages of rehearsal. The play will be staged at FJC Nov. 9 and 10.

This year's fall play, "The Crucible," offers FJC actors many opportunities to display their talent as fanatics.

Two fanatics in "The Crucible" are Dick Bell and Charles S. Fisher. Last year they were opponents in "Inherit the Wind" Dick Bell played the lawyer. Henry Drummond, and Charles S. Fisher played Matthew Brady. This time they are both working for the same cause, hunting down witches.

Fisher explained that in "The Crucible" they may be mean, but at least they are contemptible. "This is not easy," said Dick Bell "We have to be hysterical".

Charles Fisher, who has one of the leads, plays Deputy-Governor Danforth, a character with little to recommend him. Even less admirable is Ezekiel Cheever, the part Dick Bell plays. He strikes a blow for persecution by turning against his neighbors and profiting by the mass hysteria and suspicion in old Salem.

Fisher said they were not really vicious. "The vicious one is Abigail Williams, who is played by JoAnn Wheatley," he said. Abigail Williams is the one who starts everything by accusing one neighbor after another of being a witch.

They both agree that "The Crucible" gives all villains a real chance to act.