'My Three Angels' Cast Has Various Personal Interests

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, March 16th, 1962
SHE'S OUT COLD-Larry Ward playing Alfred carries Virginia Maben, who plays Maria Louise in My Three Angels. Looking on are Elinora Sanford, Emile, and Hank Hoffman, who portrays Jules, one of the three angels. The play runs March 29, 30 and 31 and April 5, 6 and 7. This farsical comedy is set in French Guiana in the year 1910. Alfred takes Emile back to her mother after he has knocked her out.

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." Comparatively speaking, the cast for "My Three Angels" represents the players-coming from all walks of life and different sec4lons of the United States.

Elnora Sanford, one of the more interesting personalities interviewed, is appearing as Emile Ducotel. She is originally from Portland, Ore., and is now residing in Fullerton.

Theater Experience

Miss Sanford has appeared in: "See How They Run," "Outward Bound," "The Silver Whistle" and "Father of the Bride," while a member of the Anaheim Theater Guild. An interesting note is the fact that Miss Sanford appeared in "My Three Angels," as Madame Parole, while working with the guild.

Miss Sanford's talents are quite versatile. They range from acting, to impersonations of such well known entertainers as Sophie Tucker and Beatrice Kay.

Miss Sanford, when asked why she liked the theater, replied, "I like the theater because it gives me a chance to be many people and to portray roles completely foreign to my nature."

From San Diego

Doug Harlan, appearing as M. Henri Trochard, hails from San Diego, originally, and now resides in Whittier. Among his credits are: "Father of the Bride" and "Milky Way."

Harlan, a sociology major, stated: "I have been interested in drama since high school." He further stated: "I feel drama is important because of the personal development it affords-an awakening of inner resources, that would otherwise lie dormant and untouched, is an experience everyone should avail themselves of, not only to develop themselves as a dynamic entity, but to realize there is a quality -in others that also lies in a dormant state, and through joint effort, this will manifest itself through your communication with each other."

Chance to Express Self

Robert L. La Rock, appearing as Felix Ducotel, is residing in Anaheim. He originally came from St. Louis, Mo., where he appeared in "Reclining Figure," "Time Out for Ginger" and "Angel Street." La Rock, in explaining why he liked the theater, said: "I believe the theater really gives a person a chance to express himself and realize all of his imaginative dreams. I also like acting. I get a thrill out of hearing the response of an appreciative audience at the final curtain. It really gives a person the chance to enjoy the end product of his efforts after weeks of hard work."