'Murders' to Open Wednesday

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, March 10th, 1972
THERE GOES ONE NOW-All set for a good time are, standing l-r, Wayne Bearss, Ron Heape and Dale Jones. About to initiate the fun and games is Susan Adams. All are part of the cast of "Little Murders," Jules Feifler's brilliant satire. "Little Murders" opens Wednesday night, March 15 in the Campus Theatre.

Little Murders," a satire by Jules Feiffer, will be presented by the Fullerton Junior College Theatre Arts department. The play is scheduled to open March 15 and will run for four consecutive nights.

Feiffer, who wrote the original script, is also known for his cartoons, which have appeared in

publications ranging from the Los Angeles Times to Playboy Magazine. In addition, he is the author of the current box-office sensation, "Carnal Knowledge."

Under the direction of George Archambeault, "Little Murders" concerns the perils and absurdities of contemporary city life in New York. Susan Adams and Dale Jones, both from Orange, will be featured in the role of Marjorie and Carol (spelled correctly), the mother and father of the genteel Newquist family.

The play opens as the family, at odds with one another, prepares to meet the latest in a line of suitors for their 27-year-old career girl daughter, Patsy, played by Soni Webster. The girl, determined to mold her suitor intothe ideal husband, decides to marry him despite his flaws.

Alfred, the suitor, played by Ron Heape, is an odd-ball and total pacifist amidst the aggressiveness of the city streets.

When Alfred is confronted by toughs, he lets them beat him up, goes into a daydream and comes out of it thoroughly bruised.

Assisting Archambeault will be Jennifer Young and Carol Craite. George Stoughton, director of publicity for the play, remarked that "Little Murders" has most recently played in New York in 1971 and was a big hit with favorable reviews.

Ticket prices are $1.75 for adults and $1.00 for students. Group rates are also available. Tickets will be on sale at the box office in the Theatre Arts building. Reservations are advisable. Show time for all four nights is 8 p.m.