Fall Play Cast Announced by Drama Coach

Fullerton College Hornet  - Staff Writer - Friday, October 7th, 1960

The cast of "Inherit the Wind," Fullerton Junior College's fall play was announced today by drama instructor George Archambeault.

Leads of the play went to Charles Fisher, Richard Bell, and Vincent Donofrio. Some members of the cast of this play include Nancy Warren, Peter O'Rourke, Eugene Lein, Wayne Fike, Gwen Schroeder,'Harvey Gomberg, Jerry Gray, Chuck Cunningham, Ted Curry, Frankie Fatses, Carol Pike, Edgardo Escobar, Judy Meyer, Artella Havarette, Bill Hay, and David Smyers.

Other members of the cast are Nancy MeFadden, Paul Daniels, Bob Godfrey, Art Koustik, Mike Maertniveiler, Keith Pomeroy, Warren Deacon, Bob Smith, Clyde Ross, Leida Peck, Sharron Pugh, Marilynn Seelbach, Ginny Pettis, Melania Starr, and Henry Hoffman. This is the largest cast to appear in an FJC drama production.

"Inherit the Wind" parallels the historic Scopes Trial over the teaching of the Darwin Theory in public schools.